2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Recalled For Random Brake Lighting

DEARBORN, Mich. — The Ford Motor Company has agreed to recall some 2022 Model Year Maverick compact pickup trucks for a brake light that can light up when a driver does not put on the brake.

2022 Ford Maverick
2022 Ford Maverick

The latest Ford 2022 Maverick recall centers on a problem with brake lights which creates the appearance the driver is applying the brakes, when they are actually not, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Ford 2022 Maverick has been a major success for Fords compact trucks, which are loaded with six recalls, including a recent warning for defective brake lights. In the case of the F-150 pickup, Ford Motor Company announced that 184,698 F-150 trucks in model years 2021 and 2022 are being recalled.

Service failures — In one isolated instance, it was reported that an incorrect ABS module caused numerous dashboard warning lights to flash on the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz. While this did not impact 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruzs useability and also braking performance, the blaring ABS lights, Engine Failure lights, and TPMS lights did degrade security to some degree. In 11, brake lights can illuminate even when brakes are not being used, thanks to a software bug in the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

2022 Ford Maverick
2022 Ford Maverick

Occasionally, you may encounter problems with the anti-theft system that will trigger the alarm and stop the Ford F-150 from starting. If a successful code is not performed, your anti-theft gauge may blink quickly, and the new, uncoded key will not start the truck, nor can it control the Remote Entry System. Programming will coordinate the coding of both engine immobilizers and remote entry systems with your keys and your Ford F-150.

If you attempt to start the car using another key, engine management systems will not recognize it, and the engine will not run. Your Ford F-150 comes with two transponder keys, which are electronically programmed into the engines management system. When the 2022 Ford Mavericks ECM (Electronic Control Module), the cars onboard computer, detects an issue with your electronic management system that cannot be fixed, the computer turns on your Check Engine Light.

The check engine light on your 2022 Ford Maverick usually turns off when you correct the issue or the code causing it to light up. If the check engine light is flashing in your Ford Maverick, Coggin Ford Jacksonville highly recommends that you do not drive the car and set up a Ford Service appointment today. A flashing light indicates an issue is extremely severe, and not immediately addressed, could cause extensive, severe damage to your Ford Maverick.

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