A Ford Mustang GT3 and New Performance Pickup Could Come Sooner Than We Think

As Ford prepares to enter a new decade, it looks like we could be seeing a refreshed lineup of vehicles much sooner than we thought. One of the more exciting pieces of news coming out of the automotive world is the possible unveiling of two brand-new performance vehicles from the iconic car brand – a Ford Mustang GT3 and a high-performance pickup.

Ford Mustang GT3
Ford Mustang GT3

Rumors of the two new cars have been circulating for some time, and many auto enthusiasts are looking forward to their debut. The Mustang GT3 is rumored to have been designed in part by motorsport and technology giant Roush Yates and should prove to be an impressive road car. The high-performance pickup is being speculated to have an impressive engine capable of taking on both highway and off-road terrain.

For fans of the Mustang, this is an especially exciting prospect. It’s been some time since we’ve seen a high-performance model of the popular muscle car and this would be the perfect way to celebrate its storied history. This GT3 version would offer the iconic exterior design along with some of the latest automotive technologies such as advanced aerodynamics, torque vectoring, and possibly even carbon fiber bodywork.

Similarly, a high-performance pickup from Ford would be great news for those looking for a vehicle with exceptional power and versatility. A powerful engine paired with a beefed up suspension would allow for off-roading capabilities in the wild and efficient city cruising when the terrain levels out. It’s expected to be an all-around powerful car, something the Ford faithful are sure to love.

It remains to be seen when these two new cars will actually debut. We don’t know for sure, but all indications point to a release sometime within the next couple of years. The speculation will likely continue until Ford confirms or denies the rumors, but whatever the case, it’s looking to be an exciting new era of vehicles from the Blue Oval.

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