Conor McGregor has stated his desire to acquire Liverpool FC.

Following the announcement that Liverpool’s owners, Fenway Sports Group (FSG), were looking to sell the club, former UFC two-weight champion McGregor, 33, put his name in the running. McGregor responded to a tweet inviting him to purchase the Premier League giants as follows: “I’d like it! Yes, I asked for information on this. When I first heard. What a change of direction! Such a club!”

FSG has put together a comprehensive presentation to offer Liverpool to potential buyers, but sadly for McGregor, a Manchester United supporter, he would require a sizable loan to purchase the Merseyside club. McGregor’s net worth is thought to be approximately £135 million, which is much less than the £4 billion price tag FSG has attached.

McGregor has earned more money than any other UFC fighter, living or dead, and he took part in the second-most popular boxing match in history. The Irish fighter, who has been in the UFC for over ten years, received only a £6,000 guarantee for his promotional debut but will receive many million for each of his matches.

His lone boxing fight against ring legend Floyd Mayweather in 2017 sold 4.3million pay-per-view buys, falling just short of the record set by Mayweather’s ‘Fight of the Decade’ against Manny Pacquiao two years prior. McGregor banked an impressive £61million after tax upon signing the contract for the fight, which remains his highest fight purse to date.

According to the Forbes list from the previous year, McGregor was the highest-paid athlete in the world in large part because of his earnings outside of the cage. Notorious received £20 million in compensation for his defeat by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 when he sold the bulk of his Proper 12 whiskey brand to Proximo Spirits for a staggering £120 million.

Additionally, the Irishman earns a lot of money via endorsement partnerships with businesses like Beats by Dr. Dre, Monster Energy, EA, Burger King, and Reebok. Due to his lack of action in the ring, McGregor fell to position 35 on this year’s wealthy list. He earned £26.5 million for his trilogy bout with Poirier at UFC 264 and an additional £8 million from sponsorships and investments.

Given that he supports Manchester United, many supporters were shocked by McGregor’s interest in buying Liverpool. However, before the Merseyside club’s appearance in the Champions League final against Real Madrid last year, he made it known that he also likes the club. Before the game, McGregor declared, “My family is from Liverpool, and I support Liverpool.”

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