Dana White on murder case: UFC Champion Velasquez Charged With Attempted Murder Of Son’s Alleged Molester Gets Pretrial Release

Dana White on murder case: UFC Champion Velasquez Charged With Attempted Murder Of Son’s Alleged Molester Gets Pretrial Release,Cain Velasquez and his family have “suffered enough,” according to UFC President Dana White, after Velasquez was accused of leading a high-speed automobile chase that lasted 11 miles and shooting at a truck carrying three people. An MMA fighter who is suspected of attempting to shoot the man accused of abusing his son is out on bond after making five attempts to get released.

Dana White
Dana White

Dana White

Following a preliminary hearing presided over by Santa Clara County Judge Arthur Bocanegra on Tuesday, Cain Velasquez, 40, was released on $1 million bail, as first reported by ESPN. Judge Shelyna Brown had rejected Velasquez’s request for bail four times, saying that the “risk was too significant” to let him go.

“If you are as devoted as a husband and father, I have to believe, and I’m confident, [you] will not jeopardize anything that would take away from your son, your daughter, or your family,” said Judge Bocanegra.

On February 28, Velasquez is charged with leading police on an 11-mile, high-speed car chase that ended at an intersection in the Bay Area. There, he is accused of opening fire into a truck carrying three people. Soon after, reports claimed that Velasquez had targeted Harry Eugene Goularte, 43, who had only recently been accused of sexually assaulting one of Velasquez’s relatives at a daycare centre run by Goularte’s mother in Santa Clara County.
According to the LA Times, Velasquez’s 4-year-old kid was named as the claimed victim in a civil lawsuit he filed against Goularte and his family.

Goularte was not hurt in the incident, but his stepfather, Paul Bender, did, according to ESPN, suffer from non-life-threatening wounds. Patricia Goularte, Goularte’s mother, was the third passenger in the car.

Velasquez was charged with attempted murder and ten firearm-related offences; he has entered a not guilty plea. Velasquez is required to wear a GPS monitor and is restricted from approaching Goularte and his family within 300 yards as part of the terms of his release. He must also need outpatient treatment for traumatic brain injuries, according to CBS Sports.

Before UFC 281 in New York City on Saturday, UFC president Dana White commented on Velasquez being released from prison.

“I’m happy for him and his family to finally be back together,” said White. “Cain Velasquez is a good man. He’s a good person, and I’m hoping that the judge that looked at this case says, ‘You know what? This family has suffered enough.’ As if the kids haven’t suffered enough in this thing, they lost their father for almost a year.”

Goularte was detained on February 23 and released on his own recognisance two days later under the Supervised Own Recognizance Program (SORP).

Their “viable” position that Velasquez acted out of anger is supported by Geragos’ assertion that his client was uninformed of Goularte’s release, according to Law & Crime. Velasquez has also assisted law enforcement, he noted.

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