3 Factors Why The Ford Maverick Might Overtake The F-150 In Popularity By 2030

One reason why the Ford Maverick could be just as successful as the Ford F-150 full-size pickup is because the Ford Maverick is just as convenient for fueling.In an interview with The New York Times, Jim Farley, chief executive officer, Ford Motor Co. Ford Motor Co. revealed Jim Farley has envisioned a 2022 family of variants for the Ford Maverick, including one for electric vehicles. Today, Ford unveiled a new version of the Ford Maverick.

F-150 In Popularity By 2030

Drivers in big cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco have quickly taken a liking to this one-of-a-kind pickup truck due to its low-cost initial pricing, standard hybrid powertrain, and mobility (thanks to its smaller dimensions). Its standard hybrid powertrain sets the Ford Maverick apart from its fellow models, and is a strong indicator of where the Blue Oval is headed when it comes to pursuing electrification. Even after Fords recent bump in pricing for last years model, the Maverick remains far more affordable than your average new car.


While you might have expected The Ford F-150 Lightning to be competitive against Teslas Cybertruck, I do not think that too many would have expected it to compete against the Tesla Model 3, and maybe not the Model X either. It ended up being that Teslas Model 3 was 2 out of 3 of The Ford F-150 Lightnings best sales. While these vehicles debuted this year, the hybrid Maverick is set to go on sale first at the end of the year, and the F-150 Lightning is set to arrive the following year.

Reservations are not yet up, though, but if the recent Broncos reservations-to-purchase ratio is any indication, both the F-150 Lightning and 2022 Ford Maverick should enjoy tremendous sales when the vehicles do enter the market. While Ford has said nothing about using the Ranger Lightning in any other vehicles beyond the F-150, indications are Ford plans to offer an electric version of the Maverick (and Ranger) sometime in the near future. Last month, Ford announced a new 40 percent all-electric sales goal for 2030, and unveiled the automakers new electric platform.


Ford is targeting the introduction of seven new electric vehicles – apart from the E-Transit van and the Mach-E Mustang – in Europe by 2024, and yearly production of 600,000 EVs through 2023. Ford plans to introduce three new passenger vehicles and four new commercial vehicles in Europe by 2024. Two new EV-specific architectures signal Fords readiness to embrace the electric vehicle of the future, such as the Maverick EV and larger vehicles.

The 2023 Ford Maverick is pricier, and to compensate for that increase in price, Ford is offering $2750 in rebates to customers who convert those orders to electric (hybrid)/$1750 gas).

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