Can The Ford F-150 Lightning Tow A Tesla While Charging It?F-150 LightningCan The Ford F-150 Lightning Tow A Tesla While Charging It?

Buyers will be able to recharge theirs at home with 110-volt and 220-volt outlets, but the next-generation F-150 Lightning is capable of charging in a public DC quick-charging station as well, with Ford saying that it can recharge between 15 and 80 percent battery capacity in 44 minutes.

F-150 Lightning
F-150 Lightning

The production models official maximum towing capacity is just 10,000 pounds, but only trucks equipped with an additional extended-range battery are able to accomplish that feat.

In terms of self-towing capability, a Ford F-150 Lightning with a 7,700-pound towing capability, or 10,000 pounds, is both plausible and competitive against the likes of Teslas Cybertruck, Rivians R1T, and Chevy Silverado EV, all of which are priced similarly.

F-150 Lightning

If you take a look at my post about Which Electric Car/Truck Charges The Fastest, you will see some of the direct competitors for the Ford F-150 Lightning.

I am concerned that the 150kW Level 3 max charging speed of the F-150 Lightning may be its Achilles heel as far as being an electric truck is concerned, with towing involved.

If the Lightning has one or more of its plugs taken, then driving away is likely to be unwise, and trucks should not immediately let that happen, particularly if the fender and/or tailgate are open as well.

It would be sensible for Ford to implement a safety measure to prevent the Lightning from being driven immediately with its plugs on board.
If you charge up a few devices in the electric pickups bed during your trip, the truck should not become unusable.

You would think in either of those situations, Lightning would not let you just go. If a funk is opened, wires are coming out for a variety of devices, and you get the charging wire connected up at the back with a Tesla, then you might be having some serious problems if somebody hops into the Ford F-150 Lightning and attempts to take it away, maybe totally uninformed.

One Ford customer has been around her fair share of chargers and EVs, so you can imagine her surprise when her F-150 Lightning and the charger stopped working.

YouTuber Tyler Hoover charged up an F-150 Lightning up to 200 miles–almost the entire range of the 230-mile car–and headed off on his trip to the dealership, 32 miles away, to get the Model A 1930 Ford, then towed the Model A 1930 Ford back home.

F-150 Lightning
F-150 Lightning

The venerable carmaker did not specify a vehicles 0-to-60-mph speed, although with less than four seconds, an all-electric pickup would already be faster than some of the most serious performance cars on the market.

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