After Germany’s group-stage elimination, Hansi Flick states after the FIFA World Cup 2022 match

between Costa Rica and Germany, “We need to train differently for the future.” After Germany lost in the group stage of the world championship for the second time in a row, Hansi Flick stated that Germany needs to train differently moving forward.



After the German national team was eliminated from the FIFA World Cup in the group stage for the second time in a row, coach Hansi Flick stated that his team needs to train differently going forward.

Flick’s team beat Costa Rica 4-2 in a tumultuous group-stage match, but Germany’s World Cup 2022 campaign in Qatar was cut short by Spain’s shocking 1-2 loss to Japan.

On the basis of goal differential, the five-time world champions placed third in Group E.

Following the formation of a youthful team with sound tactics by its European rivals, Flick said that Germany should take a page from Spain’s book.

“We do have the talent, and we do have players at elite teams. We need to train differently going forward for German football, Flick stated. We have been discussing new goalkeepers and wingbacks for years, but our strong defence was always a plus. We need the essentials (to be right).

“Spain is good at developing new players and is very knowledgeable about their methods. We must concentrate on the new generation of football players over the next ten years.

Flick went on to say that he doesn’t want to look for justifications and that Germany needed to be more effective.

“I believe our defence against Spain was compact, but it goes without saying that you also need automatisms. Although we were unable to train because of time constraints, “flick included

Furthermore, Flick refrained from blaming Spain for Japan’s victory over them, which caused Germany to be eliminated.


“Different teams are irrelevant to me; it is all up to us. It is our responsibility if you look at the games and the number of goals scored. I think we should have won the game against Spain. You must maximise your opportunities. Today’s situation would have been different.”

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