UFC 281:Nate Diaz slap Dillon Danis outside Madison Square Garden.

Slapped! Viewers of UFC 281 can see Nate Diaz slap Dillon Danis outside Madison Square Garden.

nate diaz slap
nate diaz slap

Reliving the past? Dillon Stockton just slapped Danis in “The Big Apple.”

Last night (Saturday, November 12, 2022) in New York City, after a pay-per-view (PPV) that was absolutely explosive, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Nate Diaz slapped Danis outside Madison Square Garden.

At this point, it is unknown why there was a fight. When asked about the controversy, UFC President Dana White said he wasn’t surprised.

White did admit that Diaz had last-minutely requested six tickets for UFC 281, but sadly, the show had already sold out.

At UFC 279 in September, the UFC legend defeated Tony Ferguson by submission. His UFC contract was up after the fight, and it currently appears that he may attempt boxing.

Danis, meanwhile, has not been active since 2019 and shows no signs of doing so. He might want to avoid large crowds and professional fighters in the interim.
Danis is an MMA prodigy who hasn’t competed since 2019

He delivered his own blow on social media, writing: “Ask Nate Diaz how that smack tastes.”Diaz has publicly smacked somebody outside the Octagon before.

He slapped a member of Jake Paul’s group just two weeks ago. At the time of the altercation, the YouTuber was engaged in a fight with Anderson Silva at the Desert Diamond Arena in Arizona.

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