Portrait as a Speaker: The Most Remarkable Moments in Nancy Pelosi’s

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the first female speaker of the U.S. House, cracked the “marble ceiling” on Thursday by announcing her resignation.”I have a great deal of confidence in our caucus, therefore I won’t seek Democratic leadership in the next Congress.


I believe that the time has come for a new generation to head the highly respected Democratic caucus.”Pelosi remarked in an address on the House floor.

I’m grateful that there are so many people who are willing and able to shoulder such a heavy burden.Pelosi said that she will continue to serve her San Francisco district in the House.

Democracy, according to Pelosi, is “majestic, but it is fragile,” and in 2022, voters told Congress that they would not support those who supported violent war or uprisings.

She also commended the chamber for its diversification during the course of her 35-year tenure. When she initially entered Congress in 1987, there were just 12 women; today, there are 90.

To applause, she said, “And we want more.”
The GOP is expected to keep a slim majority after the alleged “red tsunami” that was expected on election day failed to materialise.Democrats defied historical trend by outperforming expectations in the elections for governor, senator, and house.

Capitol Hill is not shocked by her choice, which is also consistent with a commitment she made to limit her term after Democrats gained control of the House in 2018 and she became the first speaker to hold the speakership twice since the illustrious Sam Rayburn.

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