Tesla Releases Holiday Update, Including 11 Apple Music and Steam Games

Tesla has launched their annual holiday update, which brings a number of new features to their cars, including support for Apple Music and Steam games. In addition to Apple Music support, the update brings thousands of Steam games for you to play inside the Tesla, along with some other notable improvements.

Tesla Releases Holiday Update

Holiday Update
Holiday Update

Now that Steam is officially in Teslas vehicle system, owners can expect a complete gallery of Steam games to be available for playing in their cars. As promised, selected Tesla vehicles are now equipped with Steam Beta, giving owners access to thousands of top-tier games. By bringing Steam to Tesla vehicles, however, Tesla is adding more than a game or two to the in-vehicle gaming library.

Tesla announced an array of new features in the new Holiday update, and Steams officially now live on both the S and the X. In a Twitter update, the Twitter account for Tesla, along with its CEO, Elon Musk, announced Steam support has now been added to the newest Tesla vehicles, via ArsTechnica. Teslas new holiday update brings a number of new features to its latest vehicles, including Steam gaming capabilities and support for Apple Music.

Its annual holiday update comes right before Tesla again gains access to a US federal tax credit rebate in 2023, which will let it once again lure in new customers with a $7,500 rebate.

Just in time for the holidays, Teslas long-popular Light Show Mode now allows it to synchronize with other Tesla vehicles. To go with Apple Music integration, Tesla is also supporting Bluetooth controllers in their holiday update,, however, this is limited to the new Model S and Model X as well.

Apple Music integration has been a feature that car maker Tesla owners have wanted for some time, and Apple Music subscribers that wish to get access can install the latest software to obtain that. The official Apple Music app was actually found on a Model S infotainment system at the museums display, spotted as a testing feature, but it is now being rolled out to the public as part of the Teslas 2022.44.25 firmware.

Teslas newest Model S and Model X vehicles now offer the ability to listen to Apple Music directly through the infotainment unit, as well as to play games from Steam.

Among many features included with this years updates are the much-anticipated addition of Apple Music, Track mode for the Model Y, and significant improvements to Dog mode. Its annual Holiday Software Update finally added Apple Music, access to the cockpit camera while in Dog mode for checking your pup, Model Y Track Mode, better media controls, and Zoom calls from inside the cockpit. The holiday update also includes integrations with video-conferencing app Zoom and Apple Music, while it introduces new Dog Mode, which allows owners to access the Teslas cockpit camera to monitor their pets from inside the vehicle when away from their vehicle.

Tesla Releases Holiday Update
Tesla Releases Holiday Update

In addition to this, the update includes useful security features and a new way to showcase the Tesla. Tesla has included a few features in this years update that are just fun, too, including new lighting display options, animations, and more.

Tesla is constantly improving its electric vehicles through over-the-air software updates, which in the future will include improvements to Autopilot, legacy Enhanced Autopilot, and full-self-driving (FSD) features. Tesla Motors continuously rolls out firmware updates for Teslas electric cars, including Teslas Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X, possibly also Semis, and upcoming Roadster;). Similar to Apple, each year Tesla releases an updated version with an overhaul to the Tesla operating system, adding tons of cool features.

Tesla has now launched their latest aHoliday Updatea, headlined by integrating the digital distribution service video game Steam into the new Model S and Model X vehicles. The integration of the digital distribution service video game Steam into the new Model S and Model X vehicles. Not to be outdone by partners, Tesla is now making good on a promise made by Tesla to bring Steam to those of their vehicles which are capable of supporting Steam.

Tesla says that Mahjong brings thousands games to its vehicles, and although we will have to wait to see which ones perform the best, the promotional videos from Tesla feature a heavy focus on Cyberpunk 2077. The gameplay should be familiar, as it is not the first time Tesla has used Cyberpunk 2077 in its marketing.

Other additions in the latest Tesla software update include support for Steam (open in new tab), which allows Tesla owners to play games such as Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077 inside the vehicle. Note that this new exciting integration is only available on the Tesla X and S models that are either from 2022 or later with 16GB RAM.

Called the Steam Beta, Steam comes bundled in the latest Tesla Holiday Update, which is available in 2022.44.25, which brings even fun experiences like Apple Music or a Mahjong game to everyday folks who cannot afford the high-end models from Tesla. Other new features included with this 2022 holiday ” update for all Tesla vehicles, including the Model 3 and Model Y, include integration of Apple Music, new “Dog Mode” which allows owners to watch their indoor cameras from a mobile app, garage door opener connection over MyQ, and Zoom integration. San Francisco, December 14 (IANS) Tesla announced on Wednesday it is rolling out a new holiday update which includes multiple new features like Steam Gaming and Apple Music.

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