UFC 281: Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira main event match prediction, who is favourite

UFC 281: Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira main event match prediction, who is favourite. Could we perhaps witness the blending of martial arts in Israel Adesanya’s upcoming trick? I have my doubts.

Even while it would be entertaining to think that Adesanya could do a Francis Ngannou and wrestle his way to victory against a tough foe, we’ve seen plenty of times where the middleweight champion defends against grapplers.

The wiser course of action is probably to stick to your strengths, even if they are the same as Alex Pereira’s. He may consider using his grappling offense in this fight after Adesanya teased “I know something he doesn’t” earlier this week.

Even though the finish came in a bout that Adesanya was probably leading, Pereira’s knockout power is no joke, and his second victory against Adesanya was no accident.

Kickboxing champion in two divisions aren’t achieved by using only berserker methods.
He might be superior to Adesanya in some areas, but I’m not sure.

Adesanya has learned the art of fighting in the octagon, which is very different from fighting in a ring. It’s incredibly difficult to hold him for any length of time, and it’s much harder to get a clean hit on him when that happens.

While names like Kelvin Gastelum and Robert Whittaker have experienced varied degrees of success, they also have more comprehensive MMA games than Pereira.

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