UFC 269 fighters Darrick Minner and Ilir Latifi in bout with unusual betting facing discipline

UFC fighter in bout with unusual betting facing discipline,Darrick Minner, an MMA fighter, will face punishment from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for failing to disclose an injury prior to a UFC fight on November 6 that was suspected of having suspicious betting activity.

Darrick Minner and Ilir Latifi

Darrick Minner
Darrick Minner

According to Jeff Mullen, the NSAC’s executive director, Darrick Minner will be the subject of “disciplinary action for non-disclosure on his pre-fight medical form” at the commission’s next meeting on December 14.

Ilir Latifi, a UFC fighter, was given a three-month suspension by the NSAC on Wednesday for failing to inform commission doctors of a medical condition prior to a fight on October 1.It was the first time the commission took disciplinary action against a fighter for failing to disclose an injury or illness.

The subject of Minner’s disciplinary action was again brought up during the meeting on Wednesday, but it was postponed and added to the agenda for December 14.

Minner’s manager, Andrew Lee of Disorderly Conduct Management, did not immediately respond to a message requesting comment.

On November 6, Minner lost to Shayilan Nuerdanbieke in the first round by technical knockout. Darrick Minner kicked with his left foot to start the fight, grimaced, and then reached for the opponent’s leg.

Before Nuerdanbieke knocked Minner to the ground with a knee to the head and finished with elbows at 1:07, Minner delivered one final kick.

In the hours before the bout, there were rumours that Minner had been harmed, and as a result, the odds drastically shifted in favour of Nuerdanbieke, who went from being a -220 to a -440 favourite.

Numerous bookies reported that bets were also placed on the fight lasting less than 2.5 rounds and Nuerdanbieke winning through first-round knockout.

The flurry of lopsided wagers prompted an investigation by U.S. Integrity, a company based in Las Vegas that works with sportsbooks to keep an eye on the American wagering market.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board’s enforcement division informed ESPN that it was aware of the suspicious betting patterns on the Minner-Nuerdanbieke fight but chose not to provide any additional information.

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