After defeating Israel Adesanya, the long-reigning champion, at UFC 281, Alex Pereira is now the new middleweight champion.

Alex Pereira, the recently crowned champion, has competed against numerous elite opponents in his kickboxing and MMA career.

However, he freely acknowledges that facing UFC middleweight Sean Strickland made him nervous.

Alex Pereira discusses the battle candidly and acknowledges that he was afraid coming into it due to Strickland's skill and fighting style.

Strickland had 25 fights, was successful in the UFC, was ranked No. 4 in the middleweight rankings, and is a dangerous and seasoned fighter. Pereira stated.

I was afraid, but after hearing him speak, I felt a little less fear. The outrageous taunts from Sean Strickland made Pereira more relaxed before the fight.

Before the bout began, Sean Strickland gave Alex Pereira a serious look inside the octagon, which made him nervous and wary.

"That's when I started to feel afraid. I believed that he intended to murder me. Every other guy was not like this one." According to Alex Pereira.

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