Are Ford Dealers Banning Customers From Reselling F-150 Lightning Trucks?

Roadshow reports that Ford is now giving dealers the ability to prevent customers from reselling the F-150 Lightning up to one year after the vehicle is purchased.

From steep markups, longer waiting times, to a "no sales" clause,

Ford is really making things tough on F-150 Lightning-interested buyers by giving dealers such leeway.

Dealers might fear that unless Ford lets them tack on an enormous markup to Lightning prices,

some buyers will buy one at a fair price and immediately sell it at an even higher one.

As a result, if Ford dealers keep demanding additional payments,

abused dealers may lose the right to distribute F-150 Lightning trucks throughout all 2022 model-year production.

Ford said that authorization was made in response to an inquiry by dealers asking about

their ability to require customers to keep their new F-150 Lightning truck for a year after purchase date.

Ford said that Ford has learned about a limited number of dealers.

who are asking customers to put down multiple deposits in order to guarantee a F-150 Lightning reservation.