Can Tesla Supercharger Charge Other Cars

Superchargers are far more sophisticated EV charging stations than those from non-Tesla,but as of now,

the Supercharger Network is available to Tesla drivers only, not adapters.

While Teslas can be charged at almost all EV charging stations using adapter cables,

 Tesla owners currently have the Level 3 Teslas and the new Supercharger stations all to themselves.

The company has allowed non-Tesla EVs to use its Supercharger plugs in a handful of cities in Europe under a limited pilot program,

 but has been silent on when U.S. charging stations will become available for non-Tesla EV owners.

Teslas plans for non-Tesla electric vehicles accessing its Supercharger network The companys plans for Supercharger networks to allow

them will finally begin at the end of this year, as Tesla begins rolling out upgrades to its fastest charging stations.

With more EVs on the road, and the scarcity of fast-charging stations on major routes,

 the non-Tesla Superchargers opened up to non-Tesla EVs are going to take over the scene this summer.

 Use is blocking non-Tesla EV owners from using its Supercharger network, and restricting Tesla owners to

 its own Supercharger network for quick charging, unless they can get a Chademo adapter or CCS.