Conor McGregor is  regarded as one of the best fighters to ever step foot inside the renowned UFC octagon.

Former two-weight world champion The "Notorious" was the first martial artist to hold two titles at once.

When Jose Aldo fell victim to his left hand's shotgun, his legacy was set in stone.

He defeated former UFC lightweight title challenger Donald Cerrone within 45 seconds of the opening round.

Conor McGregor stopped filming "Cowboy" after highlighting a key weapon from his extensive arsenal on Instagram.

Numerous analysts and pundits have praised the "Notorious" one's flawless striking and exquisite counterstriking.

His extraordinary fight IQ, however, is a component of his remarkable success that no one has given him credit for.

Few people are aware of McGregor's understanding of space, balance, weight management, and other concepts.

There's a good reason he won two UFC championships in a year. 

He said :'The temptation here for the attacking fighter in this lower center of gravity position is always to connect to the body. Grab a hold of it. Lean on it." championships in a year.

When it comes to the art of war, he has a magnificent intellect. championships in a year.

His recent fights, however, have caused many people to question both his ability to compete against top contenders and his credibility as one.championships in a year.