Colby Covington, a former UFC welterweight interim champion, did not get along well with Dana White.

After that, Colby Covington repeatedly called Dana White names and even made slapping threats against him.

Covington threatened to smack Dana White with the championship if he tried to wear it around his waist after defeating Kamaru Usman at UFC 245 prior to their first title battle.

Dana White, the president of the UFC, responded angrily to Colby Covington's statement.

Dana White responded to UFC star Colby Covington by saying, "Good luck with that, He's a big-mouth f*** g moron."

Colby Covington was defeated by Kamaru Usman, hence he was unable to claim the championship.

He undoubtedly gained Dana White's respect with his performance, though.

Dana White has frequently lauded Covington for his title fights against Kamaru Usman, the Nigerian Nightmare.

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