Who are the world's fastest lucid car's primary rivals?

The world's quickest production automobile, according to electric vehicle maker Lucid,

the four-door Air Dream Edition vehicle completed a quarter-mile in 9.912 seconds on the Sonoma Raceway Drag Strip, reaching a trap speed of 144.4 miles per hour.

It appears to support Lucid's promises to produce the most performance-oriented EVs when

By surpassing Model S records, the Lucid Air Grand Touring just won the Car and Driver EV 1000 Challenge.

The track timings Lucid Motors set at Goodwood have not yet been the subject of a formal press release from Lucid Motors, however

Having achieved a hillclimb timing of 50.79 seconds thanks to their performance, Air Grand Touring won the Production car category.

That implies that Lucid Air outperformed vehicles from illustrious automakers like McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus, Aston Martin, and Porsche in terms of performance.

The 1,200-hp automobile is not just in competition to be the most powerful electric sedan in the world thanks to this statistic,

But it also implies that Lucid Motors may own the most powerful vehicle in the entire globe (regardless of fuel type).

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