Argentina entered the game with the only goal of winning at all costs.

Anything less would harm their prospects of getting into the R-16 Argentina got off to a strong start, controlling possession early on.

When Messi had the ball at his feet, the stadium's amazing noise level increased even more. Mexico appeared confident as it began to adjust to the game.

committing a number of fouls in order to end the Argetine play 16 fouls were committed in the 0-0 first half.

Argentina finds it difficult to develop any form of rhythm. Argentina started the half with a little more fervour,

But they still had trouble breaking the impasse. Mexico began to engage in counterattacking play.

 They play aggressively, bursting onto Messi's second ball to break the tie.

Rifiling a 25-yard shot that stayed low and slid into the corner.

The Mexican gatekeeper was impassive. Messi once more delivered with his second of the competition.

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