The goal that gave them the lead and ultimately determined the outcome was deserving of winning any game.

Salem Al Daswari appeared to have no chance when a high ball was delivered to him as he was facing the goal from the left.

 After that, he spun the roulette wheel, moving further away and leaving the goal to his right.

Al Daswari quickly made a turn, eliminating two Argentine defenders from the situation.

 His right foot begged for a shot, but some Argentine bodies were still in the way.

Al Daswari moved away from Rodrigo De Paul with a touch before launching a rocket past a diving Leandro Paredes.

 That touched Emilio Martinez's fingertips before settling into the far corner.

After all, Argentina enjoyed a 36-match winning streak prior to the World Cup.

 The fifth World Cup for Messi was meant to be his apex.

FIFA 2022: The USMNT's 2022 World Cup debut against Wales was seen by around 12 million spectators.