Messi's final chance to win the world cup may be now

Luis Messi The all-time leading scorer for Portugal will appreciate the spotlight.

Jesus Christ Ronaldo Just two goals separate Brazil from all-time world scoring records.

Neymar A French footballer will stake his reputation on his team's ability to repeat as champions.

K. Y. Mbappe The FIFA will be brought to Belgium, and Bruyne will do everything in his power to make that happen.

He will work to overcome his fitness difficulties in order to support France in winning the championship.

Krim Benzema Brazilian, 22, will attempt to defuse the situation and convey the aspirations of his country.

Vinicius The golden boot winner from the most recent World Cup hopes to build on his accomplishments.

Harry Kane, The Senegalese superstar will try to make history when he recovers from his injury.

Odio Mane Legendary midfielder will try to atone for the World Cup finals defeat to France.

Last FIFA World Cup for these legendary players including Cristiano Ronaldo.