All Tesla customers in North America can now access the Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta.

Tesla claims that this latest upgrade is safer and more accurate than Tesla's previous self-driving software.

With this upgrade, utilising Auto Plot in the city will be less difficult and frustrating than before.

The initial introduction of this update was scheduled for 2018, however after Tesla announced it, it was only made available to some drivers in 2021.

100,000 drivers were given access to the Full Self-Driving Beta a few months ago under this beta programme from Tesla. .

But now, according to Elon Musk, all Tesla owners who requested it can participate in the Full Self-Driving Beta.

Tesla claims that even though this is a full self-driving update, the driver will still be responsible for operating the controls.

Elon Musk continued, "The Tesla Autopilot/Al team has reached a significant milestone.