Ford Motor is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to electric-vehicle momentum.

despite the overall auto industry's struggle to build enough cars to meet demand.

In November, Ford delivered 6,255 EVs, a 102% increase from the 3,088 delivered in the same month of 2021.

This marks the fifth consecutive month of triple-digit growth in EV sales.

which includes 3,539 Mustang Mach Es and 2,062 Ford F-150 Lightning pickup trucks.

Notably, Mustang sales rose 16% from October, while F-150 Lightning sales were down 15% from October.

Ford is ramping up production of the F-150 Lightning, and has delivered 13,258 electric F-150s in 2022.

The company is aiming for a run rate of 150,000 units a year by 2023 - a 12,500 unit increase.