Which Ev Truck Is Better, Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck, Or Rivian R1T?

The new Ford F-150 Lightning is going to come with a top-of-the-line trim similar to that of the new Rivian R1T, and the two are quite different trucks.

The first fully electric pickup, the Tesla, seems to tread the middle road between The Rivian R1T and The F-150 Lightning.

As mentioned earlier, an all-electric pickup will receive a workhorse base model soon, which,

The R1Ts highest trim level is said to be capable of over 800 hp, with Rivian being offered in a 22-inch rim.

The Rivian R1T has the lowest towing capability of any of the four electric trucks,

although it does exceed the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightnings 1,000-pound towing capability.

Ford is pegging outputs of 580 horsepower for extended-range battery models and 775 lb-ft of torque for both

the standard and extended-range battery models of their 2022 F-150 Lightning.