How Fast Can The Tesla Semi Accelerate?

CEO Elon Musk noted the Tesla Semi will be able to reach freeway speeds in around 20 seconds when fully loaded,

nowhere near the speeds of an ordinary Tesla such as a Model 3, but much quicker than the average diesel-powered truck.

 Without the trailer, Elon Musk said the Tesla electric Semi program could go from 0-62 miles per hour in five seconds thanks to the 4 separate Model 3 EV engines.

 Tesla Semi claims the larger battery-electric 500-mile range Tesla Semi can accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 20 seconds, carrying a total cargo of 82k pounds of combined gross weight.

For instance, Tesla said five years ago its long-delayed electric Semi truck could travel 500 miles on a single battery charge while fully loaded,

  The electric carmaker is promising 500 miles for Semi when fully charged,

 The charging time is 30 minutes for 400 miles on the range, using a megacharger that will be installed at those trucks base locations.