How Many Tesla Mega Chargers Are There?

PepsiCo has already received some Tesla Megachargers for their Frito Lay storefronts in Modesto, Calif., according to Driving Tesla Canada,

 and PepsiCo is now starting installation of those at the storefronts.

Tesla has also said that the Tesla Semi is capable of charging quickly enough using one of the companys new Megachargers,

 adding 400 miles of range in as little as 30 minutes.

Elon Musk said a Tesla Semi can get up to 80% charged, or 400 miles of range, there within 30 minutes,

And Tesla plans to have such charging stations around the world for the long-haul truck.

Meanwhile, Tesla has installed a supercharging station at its gigafactory, the Giga Nevada Battery,

which is the site of the limited Tesla Semi production according to informal reports.

 Tesla has indeed released photos showing four Tesla Semis charging at a new Megacharger station at the Nevada gigafactory,

 Nevada gigafactory, where the electric truck is now entering limited production.

 The Megacharger is a crucial component in keeping the Tesla Semis running, and according to the leak,

can charge as much as 1.5 megawatts, which requires special construction and cable cooling systems.

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