In 2024, the production target for Tesla semi trucks is 50,000 units.

Tesla just started making its electric semi trucks in Giga Nevada.

However, it plans to transfer production to Giga, Texas, soon and wants to have 50,000 units completed by 2024.

Considering that Tesla typically needs a year to scale up manufacturing for a new vehicle,

Up to 50,000 Tesla Semis will be produced annually by 2024, according to Tesla.

The Tesla Semi is an electric vehicle that Elon Musk owns, and by 2024, the company hopes to make 50,000 of them annually.

After that, the business wants to dominate the truck industry.

Just outside of Giga, Nevada, Tesla has a factory that can build about five Tesla Semis every week (260 per year),

Elon Musk, however, estimates that it will take around a year for Tesla's manufacturing capacity to increase to its objective of 50,000 vehicles annually in 2024.

By 2024, North America hopes to have at least 50 produced.

You can assume that Tesla expects to sell 50 of these vehicles if it anticipates producing 50,000 semis in 2024.