A pressurised capsule will be used by the Florida-based space tourism 

corporation to transport its customers up to 1,00,000 feet for suborbital trips.

The globe has taken notice since the brand recently revealed the capsule's inside.

The three main components of Spaceship Neptune, which is looking down 

at the planet, are the Space Balloon, Reserve Descent System, and Neptune Capsule.

The spaceship will continue to hang on a massive, technologically advanced hot-air balloon.

By the end of 2024, Space Perspective hopes to start flying groups of up to eight passengers.

This spacecraft will take passengers on a six-hour round-trip flight through space, including a two-hour descent to Earth.

Deeply reclined chairs, mood lighting, and a fully equipped bar can be found in its luxurious Space Lounge.

In collaboration with the London-based firm Of My Imagination, Space Perspective worked on the design (OMI)

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