Is Lucid Just As Powerful As Tesla?

A different defence might be made for quicker charging speeds.

The highest power of the Lucid Air is 300kW, thus it does not.

The Lucid Air has a higher charging capacity than Tesla's Model S.

Using 240-volt outlets or Level 2 public charging stations, the Lucid Air can be completely charged in around 13 hours.

Tesla's greatest range is 405 miles per charge, which is inferior to even the base model of the less priced Lucid Air.

In fact, Lucids Air Sapphire can be fully charged for 300 miles in just 20 minutes thanks to its faster charging speed.

not similar to the well-known Tesla S Plaid in terms of numbers.

If these figures are correct, the Lucids Air Sapphire is predicted to outperform the Model S Plaid and give it a fight for its money.