Jake Paul Fires Shot At Dana White Over Ufc Betting Scandal: ‘Ironic Isn’T It’

Jake Paul has dropped UFC Chief Dana White for a bizarre bet before his bout with Anderson Silva.

Judging from this latest salvo, Jake Paul is double-downing his fight against White.

Jake Paul has been in public feuds with UFC President Dana White for the last couple years,

Paul mostly involving the fighters salary and the legitimacy of Pauls boxing matches.

 After UFC President Dana White ran from his bet, he started saying that Jake Pauls fights were fixed.

 With UFC 282 rapidly approaching, Dana White is sure to get questions about this, particularly given Jake Pauls comments about being banned by the Ontario Board of Commissioners.

Remember back in the day, Dana White and the UFCs own fighters, such as Colby Covington, tried to argue my KO of Askren was rigged... ironic,

 Really, that the Ontario Athletic Commission believes that the UFCs own insiders are fixing fights.

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