James Krause Suspended, Glory Mma Fighters are prohibited from participating in UFC events

UFC is taking a stronger stand against the fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts, as well as its ongoing relationship with James Krause.

 UFC announced all fighters coached by James Krause, or trained in his gym, would not be allowed to fight for the promotion.

That is due to the ongoing investigations of insider dealings.

Fighters still affiliated with MMA trainer James Krause will be temporarily banned from competing at UFC events,

Pending multiple investigations into suspected insider betting activities, the UFC announced on Friday.

In addition to the release of Darrick Minner following the controversy over fight betting,

The UFC told fighters anyone continuing to train with and receive coaching from James Krause will be banned from receiving any UFC bouts.

 The announcement is set to stay in effect until the results of an investigation of the Nov. 5 Darrick Minner.

UFC also confirmed the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended Crouses cornering license on November 18,

And it will remain suspended pending the conclusion of an investigation.