Joe Rogan of the UFC begs The Rock to "Come Clean" Regarding Physique

There's no f*cking way The Rock is clean when it comes to utilising steroids, said Joe Rogan when discussing his incredible body.

Following Liver King's admission on social media, Joe Rogan asked a question.

that he utilised steroids to contribute to the appearance of his physique.

In a recent episode of his hugely successful podcast, Joe Rogan questioned whether the former WWE Superstar was clean given his incredible body.

The Rock was mentioned by Joe Rogan's guest, Derek, a fitness instructor from the business More Plates, More Dates.

Although Dwayne Johnson has frequently made inferences about using steroids, he has not explicitly denied doing so.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson has not directly responded when asked whether he has ever used steroids, but he has made it clear that he does not.

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