WWE star Jim Ross revealed his connection with the organization's former Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis.

His 21-year career with the corporation came to an end when he was dismissed of his duties earlier this year.

Laurinaitis was allegedly accused of sexual misconduct by a woman, as you may remember, and was fired by WWE.

there have been rumours that he bribed former subordinates to keep quiet.

As Head of Talent Relations, Bruce Prichard quickly took over from the person formerly known as Johnny Ace.

Ross slammed Laurinaitis and said “I had a hard time as time went on trusting Laurinaitis. That’s sad to say. I hired him. I gave him a job when he needed it,"

 "I don’t think he treated me quite right. He just wanted to show Vince that he was a better manager than JR and all these things."

Laurinaitis joined WWE in 2001 as part of the company's acquisition of WCW and started working there.

The former wrestler was crucial to the creation of both pay-per-view events and television programs.

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