Kanye West, the troubled musician, has now placed the last nail in the coffin of his stardom

just one month after the unsettling antisemitic remarks brought down his Yeezy design enterprise.

In a joint interview with known white supremacist Nick Fuentes on Alex Jones' conspiracy-theory programme Infowars

Kanye descended to a new low by admitting his adoration for Adolf Hitler.

Jones was surprisingly appalled when West responded, "Well, I see good things about Hitler," and Nick Fuentes grinned.

The rapper said, "Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler,"

Jones attempted to assist Kayne in retracting his blatantly career-ending words, but this speech was simply too much for him.

Jones said, "I get the Hugo Boss uniforms, amazing. But just because you’re in love with the design — you’re a designer — can we just kinda say you like the uniforms, but that’s about it?"

Kanye refused to fall for the trap and responded, “No, there’s a lot of things I love about Hitler. A lot,”

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