The Lakers lost their game against the Indiana Pacers after losing a 17-point lead due to LeBron James' poor play.

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered an extremely terrible loss to the Indiana Pacers after dominating

their opponents for the opening 40 minutes of the game

The Pacers overcome a 17-point deficit in the fourth quarter to upset the Lakers thanks to a buzzer-beater by Andrew Nembhard.

Fans of the Lakers, who were upset with their team for losing to the Pacers, were particularly harsh on LeBron James.

James struggled throughout the game, managing just 21 points on 8 of his 22 shots.

He had a 2-8 shooting night in the fourth and seemed to have hurt the Lakers' momentum, which had led to their previous 5-game winning streak.

LeBron James had one of his best postseason games in his history with 38 points eight rebounds, seven assists, two blocks, one steal, and only one mistake.

The Cavaliers were a true work of art; they played as a unit with a goal in mind, opened up a lead of 19 points after the first quarter, and never looked back.

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