What Is The Fastest Lucid Car?

Lucid, an electric car manufacturer, claims the title for worlds fastest production sedan,

after its Air Dream Edition four-door ran a 9.912-second quarter-mile on Sonoma Raceway Drag Strip, en route to a trap speed of 144.4 miles per hour.

As if to back up Lucids claims of making the most performance-oriented EVs,

the Lucid Air Grand Touring just won Car and Drivers EV 1000 Challenge, beating Teslas Model S records.

While Lucid Motors has yet to issue a formal press release on the track times Lucid Motors set at Goodwood,

their performance Air Grand Touring cleaned up in the Production car category, recording a hillclimb time of 50.79 seconds.

That means that Lucid Air posted faster times than cars from such storied automakers as McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus, Aston Martin, and Porsche.

Not only does the 1,200-hp figure make the 1,200-hp sedan in contention to be the worlds most powerful electric sedan,

but it means that Lucid Motors may well have the most powerful (regardless of fuel type) sedan in the world.

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