Call of Duty will be available on Nintendo game consoles thanks to a 10-year agreement between Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co.

Activision Blizzard Inc.'s $69 billion purchase by Microsoft must be completed for the deal to be implemented.

The business made Sony Group Corp. a similar offer.

The US computer behemoth may restrict access to games like Call of Duty to its own gaming services.

“This deal and especially its timing clearly looks like Microsoft trying to appease regulators,” said Serkan Toto.

Microsoft officials are scheduled to meet with Lina Khan, chair of the US Federal Trade Commission.

After the news, Nintendo's stock in Tokyo reversed its day's decline and rose as much as 1.5%.

He continued, saying that Microsoft had received “a lot of support from the industry,” except from Sony's opposition to the Activision merger.

Nintendo and Sony Interactive Entertainment representatives declined to comment.

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