Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have lost all three of their encounters with the Bengals in 2022.

In the AFC Championship Game rematch on Sunday, Cincinnati was able to edge Kansas City and win 27-24 at home.

The Bengals “executed at a higher level in critical situations.”according to Mahomes, who told reporters after the game that it came down to situational football.

Chiefs QB explained. ““We started off slow,We got back in the game, in the flow of things. Then we had a turnover late

If you’re playing good teams and you make that turnover on downs basically in the fourth quarter, those are the things that kind of bite you in the end.”

In the fourth quarter, Kansas City appeared to be losing the game after Travis Kelce fumbled,

but in his postgame remarks, Patrick Mahomes defended his favourite target.

Mahomes said “I just tell him to continue to be himself,

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