Paulo Costa declines an extension of his multi-fight UFC contract.

Seemingly, with a multiple-fight deal being almost everything the UFC was willing to give

 It appears that Paulo Costas UFC career is going to end in Australia, unless one party is willing to make an adjustment.

 Not signing a new deal will, in turn, put at risk Costas announced next fight with Robert Whittaker at UFC 284.

 It will be a lot of fun to see what Paulo Costa does post-fight at UFC 284,

 Considering that he turned down the offer, and said that he plans on moving to boxing when his current UFC contract ends.

Paulo Costa has recently said he has one fight left on his current contract and is not too keen to continue on the UFCs terms.

 The promotion announced Paulo Costa would fight Robert Whittaker on Feb. 11 in Perth, Australia

But the Brazilian said that he has yet to receive or sign the fight deal with Robert Whittaker.