Tesla Model S vs. Lucid Air Sapphire Plaid,Killer of plaids?

According to a press release from Lucid Motors about its Lucid Air Sapphire

the plug-in super hatchback is expected to blaze past a model S Plaid for quarter-mile performance.

Interestingly, Lucid Motors has not actually provided an accurate performance number for the Air Sapphire

leaving folks wondering how their newest offering will compare with Teslas Model S Plaid in the real world.

In fact, the Lucids Air Sapphires higher charging speed gives it a full 300 miles worth of charging in just 20 minutes

putting it on par with the well-known Tesla Model S Plaid.

The look of the Sapphire gives off an understated feel, while it also alerts you to prepare to buckle in extra tightly

because at top speed of 205 miles per hour, the Lucid Air Sapphire does not let up.

Folks have been waiting for the Tesla-versus-Lucid comparison ever since the Air debuted last year

but with the cars price at the top and Lucids deliveries so far few, the matchup with the model S plaid has not been an easy one.

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