Tesla Semi Truck Production Target Is 50,000 Units In 2024

Tesla has just begun producing its EV semi trucks in Giga Nevada,

but it hopes to move production to Giga Texas soon, aiming for 50,000 units built by 2024.

 Since it usually takes Tesla around one year to ramp up production on a new product,

Tesla is now looking to build up to 50,000 units of the Tesla Semi a year by 2024.

 Elon Musk-owned electric car company Tesla is looking to produce 50,000 the Tesla Semi units per year in 2024,

 With the company looking to become the leading truck maker after that.

Tesla has a manufacturing facility just outside Giga Nevada capable of producing around five Tesla Semis a week (260 per year),

But Elon Musk says it will take about a year for Teslas manufacturing capacity to grow up to Teslas target of 50,000 units a year in 2024.

With North America aiming to produce at least 50 by 2024.

If Tesla plans to produce 50,000 Semis in 2024, then you can safely assume that Teslas anticipating selling 50 of these trucks.

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