Tesla'S Semi-Electric Vehicle Is Put Through Durability Testing

Tesla released a video showing their Class 8 semi-electric trucks being tested on their Durability and Reliability tests.

 The company released the video to try and entice people to join their vehicle testing team.

 Tesla marked commercial delivery of its very first Semi EV,

five years after the massive electric vehicle was first unveiled by Elon Musk as the future of zero-emissions heavy transportation.

 Tesla has also released a time-lapse video showing an electric Semi making its way through 500 miles, fully loaded, on one charge.

Believed to be an indication of just how much electric Semi trucks such as the Tesla Semi are capable of breaking down concerns and myths surrounding EVs as a whole.

Much of the 100 Semis architecture itself is borrowed from the architecture of the Tesla passenger cars, said Tesla CEO Elon Musk,

who is attributing millions, perhaps billions, of miles of real-world usage.

Musk said in November 2017 that the Tesla Semi will have four EV engines, similar to those used by Teslas Model 3.