The electric semi truck produced by Tesla is put through durability tests.

A video that Tesla recently published shows their Class 8 semi-electric trucks being put through durability and reliability tests.

The corporation made the video in an effort to recruit individuals for their team that tests vehicles.

Tesla celebrated the first Semi-EV it had ever delivered commercially.

Five years have passed since Elon Musk originally announced the enormous electric vehicle as the future of zero-emissions heavy transportation.

A time-lapse video from Tesla that shows an electric semi-truck travelling 500 miles while fully laden has also been made available.

This is seen to be a sign of how much electric semi trucks like the Tesla Semi may dispel myths and worries about EVs in general.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, stated that a significant portion of the 100 Semis' own architecture is inspired by that of the company's passenger vehicles.

who is crediting millions, if not billions, of kilometres of actual use.

Musk stated in November 2017 that the Tesla Semi will have four EV engines, identical to those seen in the Model 3.