The gap of a promotional video options visuals of fighter battles and roving lights

Before shift to howls, chest thumps, and slow-motion slaps across still faces.

The late last month-released video is not spic-and-span. however it had been ventilated previous of the press conference

When final Fighting Championship President Dana White gave AN early preview of the just-announced Slap Fighting league, known as Power Slap.

Dana White aforementioned that “I started seeing a number of these slap videos on social media … and that i was blown away by the numbers.”

“Some of those have like three hundred million views, thus I started thinking. Obviously, this factor extremely works for social media.”

“But i believed it'd be smart for tv if done the proper means.”

An eight-episode series known as League is scheduled to premiere early within the following year on TBS.

Neymar is about to break the record of his compatriot Pele