UFC's Joe Rogan Urges The Rock To 'Come Clean' About Physique

Joe Rogan discussed The Rocks amazing physique, saying that theres no f*cking way hes clean when it comes to using steroids.

 Joe Rogans question comes on the heels of a revelation by social media influencer Liver King

That he used steroids to help make his physique look like the way it does.

Joe Rogan recently wondered in his highly-popular podcast whether or not the former WWE Superstar is clean considering his amazing physique.

 In an episode, Joe Rogans guest, Derek, fitness trainer from the company More Plates, More Dates, told him about The Rock.

That Dwayne Johnson has not explicitly denied using steroids, but has hinted at them quite a bit.

 Dwayne The Rock Johnson has not ended in scenarios where he is been asked point blank about using steroids but has implied pretty heavily that he is clean.

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