What Can You Do Exactly On A Tesla Screen?

Some of any vehicle's most exciting characteristics can be found in the Tesla,

varying from live inside-the-car video feeds as the car parks to streaming media from services like Netflix.

Tesla is the only luxury automaker that is more focused on touchscreen controls.

The business has invested heavily in this area, and while basic climate and media settings are accessible via the steering wheel,

While using fundamental touch screen functions, we did not experience any particularly uneasy feelings.

Tesla is not yet a completely autonomous car; hence, drivers may need to take control at any time and are not required to have access to the video games.

Tesla prohibits owners from playing video games while their car is in Drive, much like Support.

Tesla vehicles have a special Pin-to-Drive feature, whereas the majority of vehicles need keys to start and operate.

The most recent iterations of the Tesla touchscreen now have PIN-to-drive, which requires users to enter their PIN before the car will start moving or function.

The Model 3 and Model Y are two of Tesla's newest vehicles; they share a minimalist interior.

from starting the automobile, playing music, and finding instructions, everything is controlled by a single central screen.